Import Your Vehicle With Pegasus Auto House

Pegasus Autohouse ltd are pleased to be able to offer a clear and simple method of importing your vehicle from Europe and worldwide.

Pegasus Autohouse has direct access to a DVSA facility (Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency). The onsite facility means that your vehicle does not have to be transported elsewhere once its on site, the DVSA inspectors are able to issue individual type approval to the vehicles using the onsite testing lane.

We understand that importing a vehicle and going through the registration process can be daunting, so why not let us deal with every aspect of the process so you can continue enjoying your vehicle again as soon as possible.

Imports From Europe

If you bring a second hand vehicle in to the UK from Europe , you do not have to pay VAT  in the UK as long as you have paid the VAT in the country which you purchased the vehicle from, but you must inform the HMRC within 14 days of its arrival in to the UK. This is done through a process called NOVA (Notification of Vehicle Arrival)

If you live in another European country and bring your vehicle with you to the UK you do not have to notify the HMRC as long as your stay is for less than 6 months through out a 12 month period.

If you choose to register your vehicle permanently even though you are on a temporary visit you must notify the HMRC within 14 days of your decision.

Imports From Outside Europe

If you are moving to the UK and decide to bring your vehicle with you there is no import duty or VAT to pay but for this to apply you must have owned the vehicle for 6 months and lived out of Europe for over 12 months. You will need to provide a purchase invoice or another form of documentation to prove the length of ownership also you will need to provide proof of having lived out of Europe for 12 months. These can be a bank statement, utility bill and a property purchase or lease agreement.

Importing A Vehicle Under 30 Years Old

If the vehicle was manufactured outside of the EU and you import it into the UK from outside of the EU you will have to pay 10% import duty and 20% VAT to have the vehicle released from UK customs. The 10% import duty and 20% VAT is calculated on the sum that you purchased the vehicle for from the country which you are importing the vehicle from.

If the vehicle you are importing was manufactured in the EU but is being imported from outside the EU for example a Mercedes SLS which was manufactured in Germany, you will have to pay the flat rate of duty which is £50.00 and then the 20% VAT to have the vehicle released from UK customs.

Classic Cars Over 30 Years Old

If the vehicle that is being imported in to the UK is over 30 years old and is in its original state without having major changes made to its chassis, steering, braking system, engine and of a old type meaning that the vehicle is no longer in production then the vehicle will be entered into the UK under the historic rate of Zero duty and 5% VAT.

Any vehicles which were built before 1950 will be automatically put into the historic rate category of zero% duty and 5% VAT.`

Most vehicles have been driven to the UK already that need to be registered but we can also provide a complete package of having your vehicle transported to the UK from any EU member state.

Tax Guidelines

It is possible to import your vehicle from Europe to the UK totally tax free if the vehicle you are importing is over 6 months old and has covered 6000km. If the vehicle is a new or nearly new, then VAT is payable in the UK.

Pre-Registration Type Approval And Modifications To Vehicles Under 10 Years Old

Once the vehicle you wish to register has arrived in the UK it must comply with UK type approval. This is carried out through two means, Mutual Recognition or IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) testing . As every vehicle is different and manufacturers have different standards in assisting customers through the import system please do not hesitate to contact us so we can give you the best options in helping you through this process.

We at Pegasus Autohouse will manage the whole process on your behalf through every aspect from the homologation to dealing with the DVLA and so forth.

The majority of vehicles arriving from Europe are left hand drive and these vehicles will need to have some modifications carried out. These include changing the headlight patterns to avoid glare from oncoming traffic having the speedo changed over to miles per hour and possibly the rear fog light will need adjustment if the vehicle does not come with one that is universally compliant already.

Vehicles Over 10 Years Old And Classic Cars

Vehicles that are over 10 years old and those classed as classic are type approval exempt, however they may still require some modifications depending on age

such as headlights and fog lights.

PEGASUS AUTOHOUSE is in the advantageous situation of having direct access to a DVLA Account Manager. This means that once your vehicle has gone through the test phase and passed, the process of getting a UK registration assigned is much more efficient.

We can also have your vehicle delivered to you anywhere in the UK or Europe if you desire.

Pegaus Autohouse is determined to make the process of import and registration for its customers absolutely hassle free and seamless.